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Mike Radcliffe posing in our members area galleries with thousands of other models

Mike Radcliffe posing in our members area galleries with thousands of other models

cock sticking out of underwear, getting harder laying on bed watching porn

cock sticking out of underwear, getting harder laying on bed watching porn

stroking errect penis ready for explosive climax with oozing cum

stroking errect penis ready for explosive climax with oozing cum

removing underwear with hardon, huge growing prick and huge biceps and pecs

removing underwear with hardon, huge growing prick and huge biceps and pecs

face down stripped on bed with huge thighs and lats, what a studly bodybuilder

face down stripped on bed with huge thighs and lats, what a studly bodybuilder


Colossal Cock Club by Catalina Video
Fortune Nookie / Chew Manchu by Catalina
Furry Men Do! / Bathhouse Bears by Catalina Video
Musclemen by Catalina Video
Score (Catalina) by Catalina
Sex Sessions by Catalina Video
The Best Of Blake Harper (DVD) by Catalina Video
The Coach by Pacific Sun Ent
The Seven Deadly Sins - Sloth by All Worlds Video
Voyager by Catalina


Catalina has your hard-core fantasy men working for you in six sex-packed scenes of enduring masculinity. Clock in for some hard work and colossal cocks.Both Catalina blockbusters on a single DVD!!!!!! Digitally Re-Mastered. Bonus Materiel includes a Hard-core Photo Gallery and a Steve Rambo Photo Spread. Plus Hard-core Bonus Trailer's.

It's all of you Furry Feature fans that make us feel all warm and fuzzy here at Catalina Video. That's why we asked director Brad Austin to show us all what Furry Men Do! The guys here are bigger and sporting more than their share of hair, and they love sweaty man-sex like you wouldn't believe.MUSCLE MEN is the debut release in our Working Man Series DVDs. We�ve got lots in store for you with our Working Man Series. That includes HAIRY HUNKS and ASS POUNDERS. Look for these two Working Man Series DVDs coming soon. To start this Series we�ve compiled MUSCLE MEN. The six scenes are: Ty Fox and Scott Hardman from TY ME UP, Tom Katt and Rush Addams from BEHIND THE BARN DOOR, Bo Garrett and Aaron Wild from SLICK, Mike Radcliffe and Jacob Scott from SEX SESSIONS, Ryan Jones and Carter Rhodes from MONSTER MEAT, and Jake Taylor and Kyle Hunter from COMPANY WE KEEP. Catalina is working for you guys with our Working Man Series.

All-male actions's blockbuster feature. 20 Hard-action men, eleven monthes in the making, seven scenes make this one a hot video.Ethan Wright, Dave Nelson, and special guest star Mike Radcliffe. Steve Rambo, Dave Casino, Jacob Scott, Mondo, Ethan Wright, Paul Dawson, Erik Holtz all get together in a free for all cock-suck extravaganza. Steve Rambo interviews Dave Nelson and requests that Dave perform a J/O screen test for a role in Steve's movie. Ray Harley and Jason Branch go at it in a multi-position suck and fuck fest...Strong anal and oral action. Steve Masters, Jack Stuart, and Tony Cruz are editing Rambo's movie. They take a break from work and start working over each other...Suck and fuck action. Steve Rambo, Jason Branch & Carson Cole in a three way suck and fuck scene. Mike Radcliffe, Andrew Lennox, Tuck Johnson, Leo Masters, Scott Davis in an outdoor park oral orgy. Ray Harley & Blake Harper in an outdoor Hollywood Hills home, suck and fuck extravaganza. Written, Directed, Edited, and Produced by Josh Eliot Music:Sonic Seduction Videography by Brad Austin, Mark Jensen, and Peter Romero.

At Catalina Video Sex is always in Session. There's no exception this time. Take a look at the Sex Sessions of some of Catalina's biggest stars. Industry "Giant", Chad Hunt fills up the screen and his co-star, with his massive equipment. And Catalina exclusive Chad Williams and Catalina discovery, Mike Radcliffe are both scheduled for a Sex Session in this New Release from Catalina Video and director Peter Romero. 1St Session: Jesse and Michael Johnson heat things up with some hot foreskin action. After trading blowjobs with each other, Jesse gives a good pounding to Michael's hungry hole. 2Nd Session: If you like watching muscle dudes, Jacob and Mike will give you an eye full. These two muscle men suck and fuck their way through this Session leaving them empty and drained. 3Rd Session: Cover star Chad Williams is working hard in his office when, through the window, he discovers Parker and Deacon having a Sex Session of their own. After Parker sucks Deacon's cock and gives his balls a good licking, we find that Chad needs to have a session all by himself. Deacon returns the favor to Parker and lets go of his load without hesitation. Chad's session is over when he wets himself with his thick, white cream. 4Th Session: Sometimes we save the best for last; sometimes we just save the "Biggest". Chad Hunt's huge cock fills up the screen and Tuck Johnson's willing mouth. His balls also get a good lick over by Tuck. Since Tuck also has a sizeable piece of his own, Chad can't help but to chow down for a while. The action goes into overdrive when Chad proclaims to Tuck, "I'm going to fuck the cum right out of your cock boy". And of course, he does, just in time for this "Sex Session" to end. Schedule your Sex Session now, with Catalina Video.Whether he's taking it up the ass, or pounding his cock into his pal's ass, Blake Harper stands out as one of the industry's hottest performers. Here are the best scenes he's done for Catalina. With Ray Harley from SCORE With Andrew Lennox from SEXTORTION With Chase Rite from ALL ABOUT SEX With Steve Rambo from TALES OF TWO CITIES With Mike Radcliffe and Jason Branch from ESCAPE TO ECHO BEACH.

Under close supervision of "The Coach", sprited-super-jocks, exhibit prick-pummelig prowerss, exchanging blows and humpin' extra-hard to keep their balls in the field of play.

*** Highly Recommended ***

The first thing you notice about "The Coach" is that the guys in it fit together -- like "hand in glove." I suppose the coach-player theme will never be totally tired, but here the emphasis isn't on hoary puns or reinvention of the genre, but on finding guys who really just fit together for four amiable enjoyable pairings.

The first sport trotted out here is baseball, which finds hard-ass coach Joshua Scott putting newcomer Dante through the paces. He makes him run incessantly in the rain and then sends him to the shower. When Dante emerges, wearing a cockring mind you, Joshua is lubing up a bat in his underwear. Joshua is a model of hard chiseled perfection. I'm not sure what will entrance you first, his dark black hair, his sexy eyes or his amazingly shapely abs. Dante is a handsome smooth spikey black-haired man and there is chemistry between them. Joshua tells Dante he needs to relax to improve his game and offers to start that process by sucking Dante's dick, which is long and full with a big set of balls attached. The size is no problem for hunky Joshua who seems to inhale it all without even opening his mouth, special performer that he is. The contrast of Joshua's stacked body and Dante's smaller baseball player-ish one works well with guys as plain talented as the ones here. The kissing is hot, full of actual co-tongue fucking caught in magnificent close-up (Barresi's use of knowing close-up in this video is uniformly stunning). Dante sucks on Joshua's cock and then Joshua's dependable rock-solid ass is brought out to change the focus of the scene. First, Dante has a ball rimming it and then he fucks it solidly. The girth of Dante's member seems not to bother Joshua at all -- he loves every inch. Dante rides with a "hey, this is cool, dude" air that is a lot of fun to watch. His handless fully in-and-out style is perfect for Joshua's ace butt.

Zachery is a basketball player, coached by massive Mike Radcliffe, who looks like a rock to climb as exercise rather than a b-ball trainer. Zachery is forever a hunk, with his everyman muscular body and adorable blue eyes, not to mention his cute boy-next-door face, but he's having trouble with his schoolwork. Professor Chuck Ford tells him he has 24 hours to improve or he's on academic probation. Stimulating the academic versus athletic battle mentality in Coach Mike, he decides to help Zachery concentrate better on his studies. The personal relaxation technique he employs includes putting his mouth around Zachery's hard upward-curving dick and sucking with lip-curling animation. "I think my head's getting a lot clearer already" Zachery slyly comments. Mike does a fine job, as always, his big face perfectly matching the large cock it contains, and he throws in his patented gags for effect, though you know he's having not an inch of trouble. Zachery turns Mike onto his stomach and starts slapping around his ass, which is most exciting, but Mike wants to be fucked. The anal action is standard, though Zachery seems to think he's hurting Mike, which I doubt, and rides a little lazily. Zachery eventually turns Mike over to blow him a little before fucking him again. The cum shots aren't that great, though the sight of Mike rubbing the liquid all over his city-sized chest is a nice way to end things.

Brunette Italian Brandon James is practicing soccer on a muddy field with imposing Marc West yelling at him angrily. These two are the clearest study in contrast so far. Brandon is in his early 20s and, though shapely, not in the hard-edged shape of his elders here, is adorably cute. Beefy hairy Marc looks like he takes no shit from anyone, with his severe shaved head and no-nonsense small mustache. As he hurls Brandon off to the shower, he mutters to himself that he's going to fuck the kid, which would be a change in roles from the first two scenes. So, Marc gets him undressed by weighing him and then forces him to suck his dick. Marc's dick is totally manageable and Brandon sucks it to the bottom before Marc takes a taste of Brandon's cockhead in a nice display of mouth and hand coordination. Brandon rests his face on a soccer ball to take Marc's dick up his ass. Brandon seems a little uninterested and Marc doesn't give it the full energy he can, but the fuck is perfectly watchable. Marc gamely jacks off Brandon while still fucking him.

The tape saves the star pairing for last, pitting boxer Caesar against his coach Chris Steele, a fan pairing from heaven. Caesar, looking more taut and fit than ever, shadow boxes realistically outside until Chris, his thighs bulging out of his sweatpants, takes him on a harsh run. They end up in the ring where Chris makes Caesar work hard. But, it all comes down to relaxation, which again means the trainee sucking the dick of his trainer. Chris, his chest spilling out of the ring with its perfectly trimmed hair, lets his dick come boinging out of the sweatpants and shoves the long meaty thing down Caesar's throat. Caesar doesn't get much past the big head, but he makes it look so damn easy with all the head bobbing and energy. The highlight of the scene, very easily, is Chris' mammoth rim of Caesar's plucky orbs. Chris gets his face all the way in there, and the camera with it, and just tears around with this moist tongue. He fingers Caesar a little and then finally fucks him. The fucking is excellent, as these two couldn't possibly disappoint, and director Barresi has them use the ring ropes to fun effect, making rides seem that much higher and friskier than they might actually be. Chris ends the fuck with a strength and speed that is truly amazing after the length of time before it and the two crumble in a heap after cumming.

Make sure to stay tuned after the credits for some fun goofs and interviews with three of the pairings. I bet you didn't know that Marc, with his background in chemistry, has a new lube to sell. I personally didn't realize Joshua had been at this fourteen years. He certainly shows no signs of slowing down. I also didn't know that Dante had once been Mr. Nude San Diego. The interviews also give you a teasing look into director Barresi's thoughts on his models.

Nothing extraordinary happens in "The Coach," but the four vignettes are totally worth watching, especially the final fan favorite pairing. As usual, Barresi is often his own quiet hero, directing the video and filming it with absolute adoration for the action contained in it.

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ BrentBlue@email.Com ]

In the future, there will only be�the lazy rich and the lazy poor. But that doesn�t mean they�re not hung, sexy and horny! Director Thor Stephans (Playing With Fire 2) lines up an all-star cast for his deadly sin, SLOTH. But Thor isn�t a slouch when it comes to getting his men to deliver it for the camera. Hairy Steve Cassidy gives it up and gives it back to sexy, daddy Lance Gear in a sizzling flip-flop that features these two, masculine, mature men going all out. Big dicked J.J. Bond gives his fat hog up to the hunky and hungry bottom stud, Mike Radcliff. Then there is the return of 10-inch Chad Johnson giving it to the sexy, young Australian lad, Dylan Reece. Dylan gladly takes Chad�s big, thick cock in both of his hungry holes. The sexy Gregg Rockwell gets naked in a sleazy hotel room and shows eager bottom Andrew Addams just how lucky he is to get Gregg�s throbbing dick. Andrew then shows Gregg just how good he is at handling the man meat. But how will Thor redeem himself? You�ll just have to see with REDEMPTION.

From the great northeast to the southern most point in the U.S. Catalina Video takesyou on a steamy, deep sea voyage with 16 cock hungry studs exloring their deep blue fantasies.

Get ready to embark on a lustful, all-male journey that ends on the infamous pillage & plunder porno cruise !

Caesar and Erik Mann suck, fuck and dildo their way to climax in front of the fire in their Vermont home. Caesar leaves for the cruise. Rambo and Radcliffe on the plane to the cruise. Rambo falls asleep and dreams of sucking off several guys (Scott Lyons, Paul Wendt and Jacob Ambers) on a moonlit beach in Key West. Tampa, Florida roof workers (Tuck Johnson, Pierce Vendetta, Rick Mathews) spot the cruise ship at port and the thought of all those gay passengers boarding gets them all hot and horny. Hot three-way suck and fuck action in the blistering sun on a warehouse roof overlooking Tampa bay. When the cruise ship pulls into port in Key West, Ray Harley goes straight to his first gig, a private lap dance for a bed and breakfast owner. They suck and fuck on the patio while Mike Radcliffe sucks off a patron of the resort. Michel Mattel is a guest at another Key West guesthouse....Anthony Cox is working around the pool. The two go at it poolside and we are treated to amazing coverage and four incredible fuck positions. Back on the floating bathhouse Caesar, Steve Rambo, Ray Harley, Enrico Vega, Mike Radcliffe and stowaway Tuck Johnson all go at it in an unprecedented decktop free for all. Sucking and Fucking Galore as the horny passengers of this luxury liner look on. Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Josh Eliot Music - Sonic Seduction, Clint Yeager Videography - Brad Austin, Mark Jensen & Peter Romero.


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